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These two pages contain photos of The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company trains as they are seen engaged in the day to day duties of serving the needs of our customers and communities.

(Click on the smaller photos to see the full-size images)


MDDE 1203 heads west to Cambridge, cutting through the morning fog near East New Market. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, customers rely on us to receive their goods.

A Hurlock Fall Festival passenger run crosses the Marshy Hope Creek in Federalsburg. MDDE is an active annual participant in these trains, helping fulfill our mission to support our trackside communities to our fullest ability.

MDDE 801 works Eastman Specialties in Worton. Chestertown Line operations are highly coordinated with the needs of customers such as this.

1203 at Perdue in Hurlock

Working late on a winter day, 1203 gets needed soymeal into Perdue in Hurlock.

Part of a just in time effort, MDDE 1203 is seen placing more wax and chemicals into Interstate Container in Cambridge.

Passing by a series of Worcester County fields, two CF7s bring another load of feed ingredients into Snow Hill

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