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These two pages contain photos of Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company trains as they are seen engaged in the day to day duties of serving the needs of our customers and communities. Photos courtesy of Alan Moran, Brian Carhart and Scott Harris.

(Click on the smaller photos to see the full-size images)


The 1203 passes company headquarters in Federalsburg. The Company office, primary shop building, Transload and maintenance facilities can be seen in the photo.

With a loaded corn train for Tyson, two M&D engines work uphill through the tourist destination town of Berlin, site of several Hollywood productions.

Working closely with Norfolk Southern to coordinate logistics, 1203 interrchanges a fresh cut of cars in Seaford. NS and the M&D have a close relationship that allows for car movements that maximize the interests of M&D customers.

Large movements such as electrical transformers are best handled by rail, and we are up to the task. This transformer for Delmarva Power was one of many in our company's history, all delivered damage and injury free.

The sun is barely up on a bitter February morning and Tri-Gas & Oil has a fresh cut of loaded propane spotted to keep their hungry transports full delivering precious propane to the region. Using perfect logistics coordination with MDDE, aggressive companies like Tri-Gas can unload 8 to 12 tank cars a day.

With the company being a big hauler of paper products, an M&D locomotive is seen working the paper docks at Solo Cup in Federalsburg. Using two different unloading locations, and constant communication of needs, we are able to help customers like Solo Cup keep tightly to their production schedules.

The Transload facility in Federalsburg is busy and ready to serve you year-round. Handling fertilizer and other commodities, an M&D crew is seen working the facility.

M&D switcher 801 is seen working the coal tracks at the very large Mirant power plant in Dickerson. Our mechanical forces keep our locomotives ready for a challenging and vast array of assignments.

Having been emptied at Perdue Farms in Hurlock, a long line of corn cars heads for Norfolk Southern interchange in Seaford so that they may again be loaded in the midwest. Norfolk Southern and the Maryland & Delaware maintain three very active interchanges.

Very progressive in the mineral business, the M&D steadily unloads unit stone trains, such as this one at American Paving in Bishop. With the trains coming from Pennsylvania, the continually developing nature of the Delmarva Peninsula demands a non-stop line of minerals in support.

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