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At The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company, we maintain a very mobile mechanical department that can respond to any mechanical emergency at any time. Often accompanied by an assistant, our Chief Mechanical Officer Sam Pate performs all running maintenance to our locomotive fleet across the shore.

Our primary shop and repair facility is located at our headquarters in Federalsburg, Md., where we are able to perform work indoors on up to two locomotives at a time. In addition, we have storage space outdoors for several locomotives and freight cars at all times. This is also our primary location for parts and tool storage. Further, we maintain 'satellite' engine housing facilities at our operations terminals across the shore in Massey, Md., and Selbyville, Delaware. These houses are capable of holding one locomotive at a time, and are in place to support the care of equipment and the safety of our mechanical employees.

Since our repairs are often made away from the home shop facilities, our maintenance forces must be capable of traveling and setting up 'mobile shops' quickly. We regularly do 90-day maintenance inspections 60 miles from our home shop, and have even performed them, in addition to larger projects and emergency troubleshooting, over 150 miles away in Western Maryland.

Though a short line, we have the capability to take on large projects, and distance is not a problem. Be it wheels, radiators, spring change outs, or power assembly work, our locomotive maintenance crews are ready and able to respond.


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